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Many homes built in Tucson, Arizona during the 1980’s used Polybutylene piping, because of its ease of installation and perceived quality. It is estimated that Polybutylene piping may have been installed in as many as one in every four or five homes built during the years in which it was manufactured. It’s now known that Polybutylene pipe breaks down over time and that the fittings leak or eventually break, sometimes causing extensive damage.

Polybutylene Pipe

Polybutylene pipe is a plastic pipe that was used in residential water supply systems. It was very common in the Tucson area from about 1982 until 1997, when Polybutylene pipe became the subject of a billion-dollar class-action lawsuit. At the time, Arizona and Florida had the highest use of polybutylene piping in residential homes. The pipe was found to have an unusually high failure rate and would leak without warning. Some insurance companies will no longer insure homes with this pipe. Commonly, this pipe is not visible since copper pipe is used at the end of the “run” as it exits the wall The typical cost to re-pipe a home is $3,000 to $7,000. Visit www.pbpipe.com for further information.

Failures in Polybutylene piping

Failures in Polybutylene piping can range in severity, but once you find one leak you can be assured you will soon have more. With Polybutylene pipe, it is not a question of if you will have a failure, but a question of when you will have a failure. The total potential flood damage can run into the millions for Tucson homeowners each and every year. It is important that you become pro-active in your efforts to prevent failures and the damage polybutylene piping can cause.

To safeguard against that type of damage, Aarow Plumbing Co. suggests a free, no obligation, Polybutylene replacement estimate inspection of your home. Our team of experts can replace the Polybutylene pipe system and leave your home clean and inspected for complete water usage to all fixtures in your house.

The potential for having widespread flooding is great, especially in Tucson, Arizona, where many people leave their homes during the hot weather months to escape to the ocean or mountains. Once a section of Polybutylene pipe has broken or a fitting has failed, the water pours into the home and walls destroying wiring, drywall, paneling, carpets, flooring, and furniture.

Leaks Occuring after 8/21/97 must meet for lawsuit eligibility against the manufacturer of poly pipe.

Dwelling and Polybutylene
plumbing system fitting type:
Eligibility period –
Leaks must occur within:
Filing Deadline –
Claim must be filed within:
Mobile Homes – Any combination of plastic or metal Insert Fittings 10 years of installation 11 years of installation
Yard Service Line – Any type of fittings 10 years of installation 11 years of installation
Homes – Plastic Insert Fittings 13 years of installation 14 years of installation
Homes – Metal or mixed (both Plastic & Metal Insert Fittings 16 years of PB plumbing installation or 1/31/09, whichever is earlier 17 years of PB plumbing installation or 5/1/09, whichever is earlier
Commercial Buildings – Plastic, Metal, or Mixed Insert Fittings 13 years of installation 14 years of installation